Caring For Your Rabbits In The Summer Months

With the summer months in full swing, many rabbit owners may be becoming concerned with how they should be caring for them over the coming months. Due to their coats, rabbits often fair better in colder weather than when it is hot.

Rabbits can die from heatstroke, therefore it is important that you ensure you keep them cool to prevent them from experiencing any heat-related stress. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can start doing today, to make your rabbit more comfortable this summer. 

Here are Our top tips that you should follow this summer:  

1. Place your rabbit’s hutch and play area in the shade

Try to keep their hut as cool as possible, by making sure that it is out of direct sunlight. If this is not possible, ensure that have a shaded area to relax under and make sure to never leave your rabbit without shade on a warm day.

If your rabbit has a play area, ensure that this has sufficient shade for them to cool off under. Make sure there is plenty of feeding hay, to keep them comfortable and relaxed. 

2. Marble of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles can stay cool even in the warmest of temperatures, therefore this can be great to put into their pen or hut, for them to lay on and cool down. Not only are they great to help keep your rabbit cool, but they are also super easy to clean and maintain! They really are a win-win!

3. Fresh, cold water

Make sure that your rabbit has plenty of cold water throughout the day and night, and that you are regularly changing the water so it doesn’t become warm or go off. If it is an extra warm day, you could even try adding ice cubes so it stays as cool as long as possible, and it is a great way to mentally stimulate your rabbit.  

4. Give them a trim

This is especially important if you have a long-haired rabbit, to give their fur a trim when the weather starts to get warm. Make an effort to regularly brush their coats to keep on top of removing loose hair, as this in turn will help them stay cooler for longer. 

5. Use a fan

 Use a fan for summer

One of the most effective ways to keep your precious rabbit cool is to purchase a fan. We recommend not having this blowing directly at them to avoid scaring or overwhelming your rabbit. The best way to make use of your fan is to try to cool the surrounding areas and provide a breeze to keep the fresh air moving.

Wrap Up

Summer months can be a concerning time for rabbit owners, but by following these steps, your rabbit should be comfortable and relaxed. 

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